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Welcome to Monster Factory, a simulation game where you design production lines in to create and assemble everything into monsters! 

Designing Factory

Plan your production line to produce and process materials to make monsters. Plan it well or you will face difficulties in the long-term.

Many Many Monsters

Make materials and refine them to create a variety of monsters. Some monsters are valued higher than others.

Income or Loss

Your machines will cost some of your resources from building and running the machines. However, it is possible to exchange the monsters to earn profits.

How many monsters that you can create? How long will you last before you are out of resources?

Let's find out in Monster Factory!

Note: This game is developed by a team of 3 members, including myself. 

Install instructions

The download file is in .zip format. You will need to extract the file to open it. You can Extract Here as it will create a folder called Monster Factory. Open a file named Monster_Factory.exe to play the game.


Monster Factory.zip 46 MB

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